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Where Does the Google Chromecast Fit? - Daunting IdeasDaunting Ideas

Where Does the Google Chromecast Fit?


The Chromecast is a unique product offering from Google that aims to stream audio and video from online providers such as Netflix and Hulu. It also now provides the ability to mirror a full screen display to add similar functionality as that of AirPlay Mirroring from Apple. In my initial tests, setup was a breeze although some the of streaming was hit or miss. By default, you can “cast” a tab within Google Chrome via an installable extension and that worked great. When I attempted to actually stream a popup window with an embedded video the attempt failed. I was, however, able to stream the full screen and this resolved the issue. It is worth mentioning this is a “beta” feature which is something Google is definitely known for. 

So Where Does the Chromecast Fit?

In my house I currently have a BoxeeBox, an AppleTV and another TV that is a SmartTV. The main service utilized across these HDTV devices is NetFlix, all of which are supported with each solution. That poses the question, where does the Chromecast fit in to the mix? At this point I am still up in the air with that question. If I did not already have a SmartTV I would probably skip that feature and simply utilize the Chromecast instead since it is supported by almost all OS and mobile platforms. That being said, most televisions nowadays are “Smart” so I am not sure that would even be a realistic option. I don’t know exactly where the Chromecast is going to fit into my technology repertoire, but I can say that for less that pizza for a family of four delivered it’s one hell of a deal.

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